About us

CutnCraft Designs: We’re on an adventure

It all started back in 2016 when two friends were looking for a gift for someone and despite hours of searching it was just the same old same. (that's us!) Cheap MDF products printed to make them look like real wood. So we set on a mission to design and craft some unique gift ideas that would stand out.

Now that's pretty much the story most people would tell you. But there is more. We didn't want to use MDF as it is one of the cheapest materials. We wanted quality and class. Why would you even use MDF when you have a wide range of FSC sustainable real wood available to use right here? "Price" that's what it boils down to. MDF is a great versatile product for a lot of things and once painted it doesn't matter what's underneath.
However, we wanted quality. We like to show off the real wood, those grains and knots are all real. 100% natural.

With all this in mind, we got creative. The ideas began to flow like a new spring river. There was a lot of trial and error. We made many mistakes, caused a few fires, countless splinters but in the end, we nailed it (in some cases literally)

Now as a small team of artisans, we make it, we bake it, were even known to shake it. We love to fuse technology with natural beauty whilst adding a sprinkle of creativity. Every item that is made is carefully selected, precision laser engineered then hand finished.

We take pride in our work just like you will take pride in displaying your item. It's that pride which ensures every item we send is perfect. If you wouldn't put it in your house then don't send it is what we say.

Now let's talk packaging. hmm
Well, our items do not come in a gift box or fancy packaging! what 's the point? your only going to take your item out and throw the packing away.

What we do is better.
We use mostly recycled materials. don't worry your order will not arrive in yesterdays newspaper.
We use tissue paper sometimes a little bubble wrap and cardboard boxes. All of which are 100% recyclable so all you need to do is put them in the right bin. That's called being Eco-friendly.

This is a chapter of our story and they're a lot more to go. We hope you join us on our journey.