Sustainability is KEY: What do we do with our left over pieces of wood?

Sustainability is KEY: What do we do with our left over pieces of wood?

The words eco-friendly and sustainable get thrown around constantly when describing products and businesses,

Do you ever see a brand labelled environmentally friendly and think how?

Huge corporations and businesses evidently do not care about sustainability, they care about making money. They dump waste in other countries, burn harmful fuels, breed plastic into the environment but still claim they are green!

They market their products and services as eco-friendly and sustainable for more business, not because they care about improving the quality of life and earth’s preservation. The more cautious people are about being sustainable, the more companies will care because it is affecting their business.

We, Cutncraft Designs, are not a huge corporation. Instead, we are a small business run by a small team of people, who care to be sustainable and environmentally conscious.

There are indications from all quarters and from the smallest to the largest scale that sustainability is something we must address. We will run out of fossil fuels. Thousands if not millions of animal species will become extinct. We will run out of lumber. We will damage the atmosphere beyond repair… If we don’t change.

We ensure that we are making the real steps at our company and proactively being sustainable as well as resourceful: We do not use any excess packaging, or plastics, we ensure our packaging is minimal and recyclable and are wood responsibly sourced!

Our best sellers are our garden planters, were making orders daily!

We want to avoid waste at all costs and so have created a bird box using our left-over pieces of wood.

Bird boxes are a great way to not only help the environment but encourage birds to enjoy your garden.

Home your feathered friends with our birdbox, offering a range of different hole sizes.

Bird boxes provide a safe place for birds to nest, and help children understand birds and their habitat.

Bird boxes have many positives, one including their love for eating weeds- a win win for gardeners.

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