Our Story- Big businesses start small

Starting a small business takes courage, determination and huge amount of groundwork to get the ball rolling.

At CutnCraft Designs we are so grateful for each and every customer, browser or anyone who simply supports us!

Wondered how we got started? Well, here is our story…

It all started back in 2016 when two friends were in search of a gift, and all they could seem to find was the same old cheap looking MDF pieces with this tacky look to appear like wood.

These friends set out on a mission to fill this void and craft great gifts that were high quality and unique!

Real wood, the grains and the knots were highly embraced and ideas came into fruition.

With heaps amounts of trial and error, a lot of mistakes, a few fires and countless splinters they finally nailed it!

As a small team at Cutncraft Designs we take pride and precision in creating a carefully crafted item for each customer.

Making customers happy is our goal, and we love to hear feedback from our happy shoppers so that we are always improving and doing the best we can!

Another priority of Cutncraft Designs is ensuring we are as eco friendly as can be, We use mostly recycled materials. don't worry your order will not arrive in yesterdays newspaper.
We use tissue paper sometimes a little bubble wrap and cardboard boxes. All of which are 100% recyclable so all you need to do is put them in the right bin.

Continue supporting our small business, we appreciate every ounce of it!

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