Maximise your garden planters with bulb layering!

Maximise your garden planters with bulb layering!

Maximise the use of your planters! Have your garden beds exploding with colour and continuous blooms with flower bulb layering.

If you want maximum flower power in your containers or raised beds you have to try bulb layering!

Layers of bulbs result in waves of colours, as one flower begins to fade more blossom!

Have the choice of coordinated blooms, where all the varieties bloom at the same time? Or is sequential blooming better, where one layer comes into flower after another fades away? The choice is entirely up to you!
Regardless, your garden will look fantastic with arrays of colours and flowers thriving in your planters.

When it comes to selecting what varieties to layer it is more complex then “these plants look good together” you need to look into whether they share the same needs for sun exposure, climate and watering. E.G. a bulb that needs shade is impossible to equally flourish with a bulb that needs sun.

‘easytogrowbulbs’ suggests “Flower bulb layering works best when you select varieties based upon their natures, growth habits, hardiness ratings, and general bloom time. Some of them will bloom in succession while others will have bloom periods that overlap. Your goal is not to control the blooms and force them to begin blooming on the very same day, but rather to let nature take it's course and enjoy them as they unfurl. So choose from the combinations we have shown above, or go play with your own favourites and colour schemes.”



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Hi there!

We bought 8 long planters and 3 square planters from you a few years ago. Love them! Just watching out for snowdropand crocus bulbs that are coming up…. So lovely.


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