Love is in the air...will you spread it?

Love is in the air...will you spread it?

Once a year on the 14th of Feb the day of "love" approaches us, some dread it others can't wait to see the big smile on their loved ones face when they exchange sweet sentiments.


Singletons often don't seem to appreciate the reminder of being without a partner, but there is nothing wrong with being alone as the most important relationship you can have is the one with yourself!

Many have turned Valentines into Gal-intines!

No matter the occassion Valentines Day is a perfect time to express your love for a partner, a friend or for yourself!

Here are some of our favourite Valentines Top picks ( Huge Win- they're all under £15!)...

First we have this beautiful 'Personalised Love Box', this handcrafted keepsake is a beautiful reminder of a great bond!

You can even leave sweet messages and reminders to one another in the box daily, weekly or even randomly just to keep that flame burning! If you want to go all out you can even use this unique gift as a container for another gift, like jewelry. Use any picture you like and any engraving, we can make it just to your liking!

Next, we have a personal favourite- the 'personalised valentines wooden plaque'

This just adds that rustic feel and would look so perfect on a dressing table, bedroom or even living room. It can be customised to say whatever you wish whether it be a personal joke, a common saying between one another, a sweet poem or even wedding vowels. Let it be a constant reminder of love! At just £6.99 this is an absolute steal.

If youre someone of not many words this ones for you...

The personalised wooden wall plaque heart is perfect for that minimalistic vibe still full of meaning. It makes such a cut elegant gift that adds a soft touch of expression and will be sure to spice up any room! Again another bargain at only £6.99!


Be sure to Check our whole range on the Valentines section of our website.

Leave a comment of what your favourite way to spend Valentines is and let us know you top pick!



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