How to start seedlings in old toilet rolls

How to start seedlings in old toilet rolls

Getting into gardening is not as hard as you may think. Whether you’re just starting out or an avid gardener this tip will be sure to add convenience to your gardening journey. 

Try this environmentally friendly method that recycles old toilet paper rolls to enhance the seeding process.

Start saving rolls now prior to planting season so that you’re well prepared with a good supply at hand.


What you will need

⁃ paper rolls

⁃ Twine

⁃ Planter or tray

⁃ Seeds

⁃ Seed starting medium

⁃ Scissors


After gathering the tools you’ll need follow these simple instructions…

1. Make small 1 1/2 inch cuts around one end of the roll approximately half an inch apart.

2. Fold each cut segment into the segment other so that the bottom of your pot is formed.

3. Place the pots into your planter or tray so that they are standing up. If they seem to keep falling use twine around groups of the pots for extra support

4. Fill ur makeshift pots with soil that is moist and plant your seeds.

5. Maintain the seeds as you would if they were sown indoors.

6. Wait a few weeks until you can embed them in your garden

7. When planting the pots in ur garden ensure that no there is no toilet paper roll sticking above the surface of the soil, if there is tear it off. This will ensure that moisture is directed to the roots.

8. The cardboard will biodegrade and hopefully the plants will thrive.

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