Garden planters – The Benefits

Garden planters – The Benefits

Whether you’ve had no experience growing fruit & veg or a pro gardener a raised garden bed will be your best bet for setting up your soil for the smoothest possible gardening experience.raised garden beds on patio planted with flowers

A raised garden planter is elevated above ground within a container and provides control over the health of the soil in which you are growing your plants.

Problem soil? Avoid your plant roots from reaching contaminant soil and raise your plants using our garden planters. By using raised beds, there really aren’t any surface issues that should hold you back from gardening.

There are so many pros to having a raised bed, so let’s break it down…

 No need for Tilling - Instead of tilling up the soil from year to year to add fertilizer and amendments, gardeners usually maintain their raised beds by simply adding materials on top. Compost, mulches, manures and other soil conditioners can all go directly onto the top few inches of the soil without the need for backbreaking work

Avoid back breaking work- raised planters add that extra convenience of height: making it easier on our backs and knees when gardening. Consider raised beds as an investment in your health.

Better water retention

Better drainage - in areas prone to flooding, or in marshy yards, a raised garden bed may be the only way to have a full growing season. a raised bed gives plants extra breathing room above wet conditions. Raised beds also tend to drain better in general, even in heavy rains.

More growing space, no soil compaction from human feet = less weeds - Having raised beds or gardens where you never walk on the soil is a big step in promoting healthy plant growth and reducing weeds. Plants can be grown in blocks, encouraging plants to grow more uniformly as the competition between them is minimal, and suppressing weeds more effectively.

Raised beds help shut out animals and critters – Elevated beds avoid plants growing at nibbling level and due to their height dogs and foxes are less likely to urinate directly on your plants. Fencing can also be added to planters to avoid other animals from munching on your crops. The tall sides of a raised bed provide the opportunity to stop slugs in their tracks as the height slows them down as well as offering a closer eye on pests!

The soil warms up sooner in a raised bed- Soil in raised beds warms quicker in springtime, allowing for a longer growing season and better growing conditions. Therefore, seeds can be sowed for cool-weather veggies like cabbage, kale and carrots a bit sooner.

Raised garden beds solve the avoidable challenges of everyday gardening, invest in both your and your plants health and shop our raised garden planters.

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the planters a a very good compliment to my garden pond

fred barter very nice planters

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