Best vegetables to grow in raised garden beds

Best vegetables to grow in raised garden beds

Raised Garden beds are an excellent way of growing your own vegetables at home.

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One of the biggest advantages of raised garden planters is the ability to have complete control of soil health. The soil also warms up earlier, drains better and allows you to plant earlier in the season.

All these pros allow for crops to flourish! So, if you’re thinking about growing your own vegetables and don’t know where to start, we’re here to help…


Top 5 Vegetables that thrive in raised garden beds



Red tomatoes on vine

Tomatoes are a well-loved vegetable, although technically fruit, they remain to be a staple ingredient in recipes all over the globe and they LOVE raised beds.

Tomato’s get their flavour depending on the soil in which they are planted, so are perfect for raised beds where soil health is in your control. Growing in a raised bed allows you to create the perfect conditions for your tomato plants, rather than trying to amend your local soil to get just-right conditions. Tomatoes thrive in well drained warm soil, raised garden planters will give you a head start as soil warms quicker. If you have a small garden bed, try using smaller tomatoes such as cherry tomatoes.



various onions

Onions thrive in the great soil conditions that planters create and requires almost no attention to the soil. The light and crumbly soil are perfect for onions, as well as the warmth and sunshine.

The needs of onions grown in raised beds are simple. Never let the soil dry out, onions appreciate lots of water. They also appreciate being fed regularly especially when grown in raised beds.

Competition from weeds is not good for any vegetable but this is especially the case with onions. Thus, garden beds make the job of preventing weeds easier, particularly if no weed soil is used.

  1. Carrots


Its no argument that home grown carrots are far sweeter and more delicious than shop bought ones. So why not grow your own? just stick to orange – try purple, yellow, or even white varieties for an extra boost of colour at dinnertime.

Growing carrots in an open garden is almost impossible if you have stony foil, however raised beds solve this issue and ensure the growing medium is right for them.

growing your carrots in a raised space is helpful for deterring them. Sow seeds from April to early July and harvest a couple of months later.


  1. Spinach


We all know that a big bag of spinach can turn into less than a handful once cooked, so growing your own and having your own endless supply.

Choosing raised beds for growing spinach can get round the problem of your garden having poor soil or the wrong type of soil for crops to grow successfully – as spinach prefers a neutral to alkaline soil.

Raised garden planters offer great drainage and are also easily manageable. You can fill them with rich, organic soil.


  1. Peppers

mixed peppers

Grow any pepper plant in a raised bed, and you are sure enough to succeed.

Not only can you grow traditional sweet bell peppers, but you can branch off and try planting hot peppers such as cayenne, habanero, and jalapeno.

Peppers of all different colours and will be sure add beautiful colour to your garden.

Raised beds are perfect to keep these crops warm and to flourish.

Raised beds are great for solving all the main challenges of growing vegetables and maintaining the perfect conditions.

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